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Smile Enhancement

Smile Enhancement

Many of us would like to change a couple of things about our smiles.

Teeth come in many different forms, shapes and colours - and not all of them are perfect. Also, over time, teeth can change depending on growth and environmental factors. Sometimes, the natural state of your teeth is not exactly how you would like it to be.

If you think it is time to start making some changes, you can come to us to learn what can be done. First Street Dental, your St. John's Area dentist, provides many services to enhance your smile.


A Veneer is a thin laminate that is placed over your existing teeth by your dentist. This changes the colour and shape of the tooth, as well as closing gaps.


Bonding is a process specially designed for closing gaps between teeth.


Contouring is the process of resizing, rebuilding and reshaping your teeth to help bring your teeth to a more appealing aesthetic.


When full tooth coverage is needed, a crown may be necessary. A crown is a cover that is placed on the tooth to protect it from more damage.

Dental Bridges

To fill in missing teeth, we may recommend a bridge. This tooth is cemented in place to the adjacent teeth on either side of the space left by the extraction. That tooth forms the bridge and is a viable option when dental implants are not optimal.

Your perfect smile is just around the corner.

If you need more information about a dentist in the St. John's Area, contact us today.

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