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St. John's Area Sports Guards

Guards, Bite Appliances

Mouth guards and bite appliances have many uses. Generally these appliances are created for two reasons: prevention of sports injury and the prevention of nighttime teeth grinding. Our specialists are ready to help you find the right appliance for your safety.

Sports Guards

A good sports guard allows a busy professional to get their workouts done without the worry of damaging their teeth. Let us help you find the protection you need.

Bite Appliances

Some people often wake up in the morning with intense headaches and jaw pain. This may be due to a condition called Bruxism, in which an individual grinds their teeth in their sleep. This grinding can also cause damage to your teeth. Preventing long term damage is as simple as getting a custom bite appliance from the team at our office.

If you need more information about Guards, Bite Appliances in the St. John's Area, contact us today.

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